Saturday, April 23, 2011

BarTab - An App that Makes Every Hour Happy Hour

 The biggest complaint that hear with regards to happy hour is that it just doesn't run late enough. While don't fret anymore because the new smart phone application Bartab allows for happy hour prices long into the night. Using your phone you can send yourself and friends $1 drinks! When the receiver (whether yourself or a friend) redeems the drink at the bar they pay another $1. So all drinks are essentially $2... you can't beat that price. Bartab is available in major cities including Washington, DC. You can send anything from a beer to a shot of jager to to friends to be redeem at the bars below: 

  • Bourbon - Adams Morgan
  • District
  • The Reef
  • Club Heaven & Hell
  • Columbia Station
  • Grand Centra
  • Saki Asian Grille
  • Rumba Cafe
  • Hawk'n Dove
  • The Ugly Mug
  • Cleveland Park & Grill
  • Zoo Bar
  • Lou's City Bar
  • Black Rooster Pub
  • Sign of the Whale
  • Cafe Citron
  • The Front Page - DC 
  • Level One
  • Cobalt 
  • 30 Degrees
  • JR's
  • The Mighty Pint
  • McFaddens
  • Rhino Bar and Pumphouse
  • Bourbon - Glover Park
  • District 2 Bar & Grill
  • Breadsoda
  • H Street Country Club
  • Smith Commons
  • K Street Lounge
  • Recessions
  • Logan Tavern
  • Ulah Bistro
Stay tuned for my next post because happy hour is the best hour and there is no better place to spend it than in the nation's capital. 

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