Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nooshi Oodles Noodles & Sushi Crazy Hour Review

1120 19th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

Happy Hour Served Monday - Saturday from 3pm - 7pm
Neighborhood: Downtown
Specials: Crazy Hour Half-Price Drinks (does not include frozen)
Restaurant Website: Nooshi

To an outsider Nooshi is nothing more than an average asian sushi restaurant. To a GWU undergraduate, Nooshi is a local institution. GWU undergraduates flock to Nooshi Thursday through Saturday to enjoy the infamous "Crazy Hour." Nooshi does not provide the young professional afterwork atmosphere that many dc area bars and restaurants offer but rather a drink hard play hard student vibe. All drinks (excluding a few frozen selections) are half-off. Having frequented Nooshi many a times during my days at GWU, my go to drink is a margarita on the rocks; but you can't go wrong with the vanilla mango mojito, woowoo, or Mai Tai. Drinks come potent and relatively inexpensive. Towards the end of happy hour you can count on sake bombs being done throughout the restaurant. If your looking for a good night be sure to join in!

Girls Night Happy Hour!

Unfortunately, Nooshi doesn't offer any happy hour specials on food but it is definitely a good idea to eat something to soak up some of the alcohol. The sushi is not too bad but I would recommend the honey peanut chicken (if you like some thing spicy) or the eggplant for something on the healthier side. 

Stay tuned for my next post because happy hour is the best hour and there is no better place to spend it than in the nation's capital. 

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